The Great American Outdoors Act Passes!


From majestic views to monumental landmarks in American history, the National Parks offer visitors transportation into a world of wonder. Since 1864, the federal government has been setting aside land for preservation and public use. Yellowstone, Pearl Harbor, and the Grand Tetons are just some of the spaces designated…and some of the most amazing places you’ll ever visit!

We’ve been so fortunate to explore numerous National Parks as a family.  Sharing my love for nature with my children is easy when the views are so breathtaking!

It’s important to me that our children will have National Parks to share with their own children and future generations.  I’m so honored to be able to sit on the Board of Directors for the National Parks so I can do my part to preserve and protect these irreplaceable public lands.

Senate Passes the Great American Outdoors Act

Recently, Senate passed the historic Great American Outdoors Act.  With bipartisan approval, the Great American Outdoors Act ensures $6.5 billion over the next five years for infrastructure to improve everything from roads to critical maintenance systems.

There’s been a backlog for too long, and with the passing of this new bill, our parks and historic sites will be able to bring wonder to future generations.

To learn more about our National Parks or to contribute to our National Parks Foundation, head HERE.